Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blankets Needed at Reliant Arena

A post from Tracy:

If you are in the Houston area and have extra blankets you might be willing to take down to Reliant Arena to donate, that would be awesome. Reliant Arena has been exceptionally cold, and the Red Cross has been unable to provide sufficient blankets for the evacuees. As of yesterday, the best way to get in was Gate 5 -- it's off the Fannin exit of 610 South, and it's right at the corner of 610 and Fannin on the 610 access road. Fair warning: traffic is likely to be heavy tomorrow because of the Texans season opener at Reliant Stadium -- however, this is the gate closest to the Arena and, therefore, the one designated for folks helping out volunteers as of yesterday.

Until further notice, please do not continue to send us money for medical supplies or boxes of medical supplies. We'll explain more about that later. The money that we have left will be used to buy blankets. The supplies that we have left will either be donated to the Red Cross medical station at the Arena, providing limited medical assistance to evacuees, or to private shelters housing evacuees around the city.


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