Monday, September 05, 2005

Police Presence Increases Safety; Pictures Provide Suggestion for Additional Locations

The news we had intended to post today will have to wait for tomorrow. We decided that this needed to be today's post.

Every night that we're at the Dome, we notice more and more law enforcement. Sunday night, we noticed city, county, and state law enforcement both in and out of the Dome. We'd like to thank law enforcement for stepping up their effort to make conditions safer for evacuees. Not only have we observed that this makes conditions safer, we've talked to many evacuees who have said that they feel safer. Although more monitors outside the bathrooms are needed, we've certainly noticed that many of the bathrooms are monitored on a regular basis. Thank you to all of the law enforcement that are working hard to make evacuees safer during this time.

To further help law enforcment organize their effort to make the Dome safe, we've taken some pictures of areas that have no law enforcment presence but that do have some evacuee activity. These are areas in which women, children, or the infirm could be taken without any difficulty and could be assaulted and left injured without discovery. Police presence in these areas would make the Dome even safer.

Again, we want to thank law enforcement for increasing their presence, and we hope that these pictures help you direct additional efforts at maintaining safety. These areas are predominantly accessible through the West entrance of the Dome and are on the first and second floors. These are just examples of the kinds of places available for acts of violence were someone so inclined.


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