Saturday, September 10, 2005

Purposeful Acts of Kindness

Another night at the Dome. Kathy and I were both actually home by midnight tonight. We're meeting up tomorrow to start on our newest project -- we'll share that tomorrow as well as report on conditions at the Dome (conditions that the press "for some reason" is not able to access and report on).

But tonight, we agreed that I would report on some Purposeful (as opposed to Random) Acts of Kindness.

Our first "shout out" goes to the Harris County Sherrif's Department and the Houston Police Department for sealing off the areas we posted pictures of. We've been so focused in the medical area that tonight was the first chance we had to check those areas again. We (and the people who did not get hurt in those areas after the sealing off was completed) appreciate your response. Our apologies to both departments for not posting new pictures of your good works-- we forgot to take the camera in tonight! :)

Our second big thank you goes to those who have kept the pharmacy train running. I don't want to mention specific folks by name in case it would embarrass them, but we want to thank faculty at Albany Law School for sending two boxes of supplies and faculty at the following law schools who either individually or in pools got together to help us out: Lewis & Clark in Oregon, CUNY in New York, Nova Southeastern in Florida, Rutgers in Camden, NJ, Loyola in Los Angeles, Thomas Jefferson in San Diego, St. Johns in New York, Quinnipiac in Connecticut, Santa Clara School of Law in Santa Clara, CA, and -- of course -- our own South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. In addition, we've received donations from several private citizens reading the blog. There's also a woman named Justine in Houston who patiently tried to track us down with a bag of supplies for two days before finally finding the law school and leaving the bag at our security desk for us. Thank you, Justine. We're currently tapped out, so if you haven't made a donation but wanted to, now's the time -- it looks like we have another week to go at the Dome.


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