Monday, September 05, 2005


One caveat about this post: all of our posts have been complete joint efforts, drafted and edited together. This post is Tracy's alone. I know that folks are checking back, so I wanted to give you a short udpate while Kathy and I get some rest and some bearings before joining up again tomorrow. So the opinions expressed here are Tracy's alone. TMc

Kathy and I are at our respective homes tonight. My husband promises me that it's Monday night, and since I'm disoriented, I'll go by what he says. Since the last time we posted until tonight was another long stretch with, again, some observations of improvements and some discoveries of things that you can't get your mind around.

Thank you to everyone who has donated money. We made four pharmacy runs last night and early this morning for the Dome. After coming back from one, we learned that a woman had almost died from diabetic shock because they didn't have liquid glucose. They found something that would do in a pinch fortunately. We went immediately back to the 24 hour pharmacy for liquid glucose. It's your money that makes those back-to-back-to-back pharmacy runs possible.

On a related note, we went to George R. Brown and asked if they needed any medical supplies. They thought for a minute and said, "Lotion." When we asked what kind of lotion, they said, "You know . . . hand lotion." We left. I was thinking, "Let the national press pick up your damn lotion for you. They're all over this place." By the way, I think we had a typo that said, GRB had a "move room." That should have been "movie room." In case you're wondering, at the Dome location (lacking life-saving liquid glucose) there's no movie room.

Please forward the blog URL to everyone you know and check back tomorrow. We're going to sleep, organize our thoughts, and post the thing that we had so much trouble getting our mind around tomorrow. It's not being reported in the news, and it's mindboggling that it's not. Stay tuned.


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