Wednesday, September 07, 2005

When the Independent Investigation Begins . . .

Over many nights at the Astrodome, we have heard the same story from evacuees describing a disturbing event. This is what we've heard:

After Katrina, evacuees in poor, black areas were left with anywhere from one inch to one foot of water. Shortly after the hurricane passed, emergency and/or law enforcement officials came through neighborhoods with megaphones or bullhorns and announced that "we're opening the flood gates" and that up to 20 feet of water was about to be "dumped" on residents. Within 5-10 minutes of the announcement, the water began to rise quickly. Within minutes, the water was up 10-20 feet from where it had been just minutes earlier. We were told that residents had no chance to evacuate, only the warning. Survivors told us about the many who drowned.

After the last person is rescued from New Orleans, these stories should be investigated to find out if they're true and, if so, who authorized lifting flood gates that would save property at the expense of lives.


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